i-Way HR Solutions is a recognized as one of the leading specialist Training consultancy, providing The characteristics of this new world market place are different from the way it used to be, and so is the requirement to emphasize on the changing trend and evolve a more refined methodology to train the workforce. We offer our clients with training that focuses not just on the productivity but equally stresses on quality, variety, customization, convenience and timeliness attributes. We provide computer-based training along with the emphasis of training them with the contents. Our style is high energy and informative. We ensure to give that.

We have specialized training in:

  • Communication skills ¬†* ¬†First aid
  • Time management and organization * Customer service
  • Business networking and sales business writing * Fire fight
  • Management and supervision * Sales Training
  • Presentation skills * I S O -9000-9001
  • Business etiquettes * Basic computer
  • Positive attitude and stress management * Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building Leadership * Telephone etiquettes
  • Personality Development * Health & Safety Training
  • Technical and other generals training * Others